Speckled Orange, Purple, and White Bangle Bracelet Made w/ Rubber Bands - Durable Stretch Band Rubber Bracelet

$13.99 USD


Product Description

This gorgeous style features three multicolored rubber bands that go around the bracelet for an even speckled look. You may request any three colors in this style!
Your very unique bracelet, about 2 inches wide and about half an inch thick, will lie flat on your wrist. It is very durable and is waterproof!

There is no more unique bangle bracelet than this! It is especially comfortable and will fit most sizes of wrists (generally sizes 6-9). If you have a wrist that is smaller or larger, please specify at checkout and a wristband will be specially made-to-order.

Would you like other colors, perhaps? Absolutely! Message me to "Request a Custom Order" and just specify the colors for which you are looking. I will notify you of the price and turnaround time.

Available colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, White
Black costs $1.00 extra.

Most custom orders get processed within 48 hours! How awesome is that?


Show your Bungle Band off by complimenting your outfit, supporting your favorite team, or wearing it just because you want to!

Bungle bands are for people of all ages and are unisex.

For ages 5 and up.
With smaller children, parental supervision and/or consent is necessary.

ALLERGY NOTICE: Contains Latex


Item will usually ship the next day, but no later than 3 days after payment.

Speckled Orange, Purple, and White Bangle Bracelet Made w/ Rubber Bands -

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